Why can glasses like these save our eyesight?


Blue Blockers Sunglasses protect us from the blue light rays emitted by all the electronic devices that we are exposed to in our day-to-day lives through some practical and elegant glasses.

Since LED was invented in 1962, our visual environment has been turning blue. You will be asking what this means, pay attention because only you can change it.

We live in the digital age and not just millennials, the name given to the new generation of teenagers, but all of us--children, mothers, fathers and grandparents--are in constant contact with some kind of screen. On average <strong>we spent about 6 hours in front of a screen</ strong>, be it a mobile, computer, tablet or television, and this has its consequences.

Blue light and its consequences!

You do not have to be a computer geek or millennial for blue light to cause problems for your vision. With being in front of a screen for only two consecutive hours, something we do when watching a movie, this causes visual fatigue. For those who do not know, blue light is present in natural light but also in our digital devices. It is a light that is within the light spectrum and is the most powerful light that our retina receives. For this reason, when talking about blue light, we refer to a harmful light that is identified as one of the causes of AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

At the top of the list of consequences of blue light are the perceptible or immediate effects on the eyes. These include tiredness or dry eyes, glare, headaches, tearing and blurred vision. Next come the effects of LEDs and blue light in the long term. In this case, we would talk about sleep disorders, irritability, mood disorders, cataract development and the AMD

Likewise, there is currently a disease related to blue light, known as the computer vision syndrome. This syndrome produces symptoms such as dryness or tension that then cause a decrease in the ability to blink

They block blue light: Blue Blockers

Now that you know all the consequences of blue light, we will tell you a secret: there is a solution for you. Blue Blockers are glasses that protect you from this type of light. They protect you from both natural and artificial light: thanks to the crystals and comfort of these, it will not be uncomfortable to wear them both inside and at home. As such, it will be quite comfortable and easy to take care of your eyes

In addition, not only will they visually help your health, but these glasses have a very attractive design.

Their main advantages

  • They are also anti-UV, so sun exposure will no longer be a problem for your eyes and you can relax. As such, these are glasses that protect us from rays of blue light, and they protect us from both artificial and natural light.

  • Being Anti-fog, they protect you from the fog.

  • They reduce glare, so they improve your vision. These glasses massively reduce blue light, so you will be able to alleviate fatigue after using electronic devices.

  • Mix simplicity and practicality with elegance and design. Available in various colours and models.

How can you buy it in the United States?

You can place your order online through the official website inĀ United StatesĀ to be sent to your home.

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