Can You Get a Cheaper Smartwatch for iOS and Android That's Just as Good as the Name Brands? We Investigate.

These days we all need to stay connected. Our calendars, important reminders and health stats are saved on our phones. We need a quality wearable to be able to go for a run or run an errand without having to choose between taking our phone and completely disconnecting.  

Are you looking for a new smartwatch, but most are too expensive? We all know that all the big tech brands overcharge for the new devices they release, but is there anything else that’s just as good?

eWatch: the Sleek and Stylish Smartwatch that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Don’t waste your money on expensive brands when you can get a smartwatch that’s just as good for a lower price. It’s time to stop getting ripped off when there’s amazing alternatives like eWatch, the smartwatch that’s taking over Europe. These watches are flying off the shelves and today we’re looking into why.

The eWatch is a sleek smartwatch with powerful capabilities that works with any phone. It’s a stylish, affordable smartwatch. 

Use all the Capabilities of a High-Tech Wearable to Change your Life

High-tech wearables are the tech item of 2019, but they often come at too high a of price or too cheap of a product. The eWatch balances the price-quality spectrum perfectly. You don’t break the bank and you get a SmartWatch with all the bells and whistles. Reach your health goals this year and look great doing it with this wearable.

The eWatch is lightweight and has a sleek design, so it looks just as good in the office as it does the gym. Spending hours sitting at a desk has been confirmed as a big health risk. eWatch's sedentary warning feature will remind you to stand up every once in a while to help your circulation and stretch your muscles. eWatch also helps you work by syncing with your phone, Android or iOS, to receive notifications. Answer quick emails and respond to coworkers from your smartwatch.

The eWatch is an innovative wearable that combines the functionality of a smartwatch with the durability and health benefits of a fitness tracker. It's comfortable to wear all day and durable enough to wear every day in any condition. It is scratch and wear resistant with a casing made of an ultra-resistant aluminum alloy. The screen is an HD retina touch screen that's made of double-sided hardened glass.

eWatch Meets all your Lifestyle, Health and Fitness Needs

The unique thing about the eWatch is that it combines the health advantages of a fitness tracker with the style and productivity of a smartwatch for a fraction of the price of its competitors. Get all the benefits without the steep cost. 

Make the eWatch your own with its customizable features. Choose between multiple watch faces and band colors to fit your mood. Pick and choose between 15+ features to personalize your eWatch to your lifestyle and health and fitness goals. Swipe the HD retina touch screen for access to menus, settings and all your favorite applications: your music, step counter, cardio monitoring, phone notifications, sedentary alerts, sleep monitoring, watch locator and more!

The Wearable That's Taking Over Europe: What's so Good About It?

eWatch stands out among the rest for its range of applications. It has all the usual functions of alarms, chronometer, and calendar alerts, but that's just the start. Not only does it have a step counter, but also it has a precise electrocardiogram that enables you to send updates to your cardiologist. Get better rest with its accurate sleep monitor that dictates how much sleep you really get at night. You won't have to worry about misplacing it because you can activate GPS with the anti-lost function that updates location when it has signal.  

Unlike competitors who limit the compatibility of their devices, eWatch works with both Android and iOS. You can charge it anywhere with its standard USB charging port. It’s guaranteed to be compatible with any USB charger plug and charging station. But with its long battery life, you don't have to worry about charging it too often. It's power save mode ensures that no energy is wasted throughout the day.

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Check it out for yourself!

What does our team think?

We've been tinkering with eWatches around the office, and the product stands up to scrutiny. Even our brand-obsessed skeptics were impressed. There's no lag when using the retina touch screen and the notifications popped up immediately. We were playing our favorite music and able to test all the functions through the voice search option. The millenials in the office snapped a couple of selfies, and they were surprised by how easy it was to connect the bluetooth camera control to their phones' cameras. 

We came together and guessed the price. For a premium wearable like this, it had to be around four or five hundred bucks. When we checked the actual price, we couldn't believe it!

Lightweight HD Retina Touch Screen with Double-Sided Hardened Glass

Key features

  1. It’s so easy to use. Connect to Android and iOS phones through the Fundo app. You just install the app, turn on your bluetooth and connect to start using the device and its 15+ applications. Play your favorite music and control your phone's camera from your eWatch through bluetooth!

  2. HD retina touch screen: Swipe for access to menus and settings. Use voice search to easily access all your favorite applications: music, multiple watch faces, cardio monitoring, phone notifications, sedentary alerts, sleep monitoring, anti-lost and more!

  3. Heart-rate monitoring in real time. eWatch has a precise electrocardiogram so you can get the most out of your workout and share health stats with your doctor. Check your dynamic and resting heart rates and take control of your heart health.

  4. Get a better night's sleep. Use the sleep monitoring application to track how much rest you're actually getting at night. It's objective results will help you improve your sleep patterns for more rest and a healthier life.

How can you buy it in United States?

You can place your order online through the official website in United States to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.