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Enjoy the benefits of hydrogenated water from anywhere

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Hydrogenated water: We are always worrying about whether we are over-eating or whether what we eat is actually beneficial to our health. While this is very important, it’s much more important for our health to drink enough water. In any healthy eating pyramid, hydration is at the base, which reinforces the utmost importance of proper hydration.

Not drinking water causes serious problems for our bodies. Fatigue, decreased cognitive function, mood swings, lowered blood pressure, digestive problems, diabetes, weight gain, skin problems, high cholesterol or constipation are some of the consequences of not hydrating properly.

In short, the functioning of our body is designed around water and that is why staying hydrated is so important. But is all water equally healthy for our body? No, hydrogenated water is the best of all!

What is hydrogenated water and what are its properties?

Hydrogenated water is simply water with an extra molecule of hydrogen gas. These molecules, the smallest that exist, are capable of penetrating all the tissues of the body, even crossing through the cells causing great benefits to the body such as: boosting and maintaining the antioxidants in our body, which delays the aging process. But that’s not all, among many other advantages, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, helps in weight loss, increases energy levels and reduces physical recovery time after exercise.

A few years ago, a group of Japanese scientists found out that inhaling hydrogen had positive effects on the brain. This same group, together with a multinational company specializing in health technology, carried out a revolutionary project in which they succeeded in obtaining the cleanest and purest water yet. Years later they released Water Purifier X, the portable water hydrogenizer that transforms tap or bottled water into hydrogenated water, purifying it and enhancing its properties.

Hydrogen as a source of health

Throughout history and especially in the last 10 years, numerous studies have been carried out on spring water in various parts of the world. In them, a greater amount of hydrogen has been found, which could surely be the explanation for the healing properties of these natural springs.

Water Purifier X is a portable hydrogen generator that will allow you to enjoy natural and healthy water anywhere. It features a powerful hydrogen generator and the latest technology in ionizers. With Water Purifier X you will get water without bacteria, microorganisms, or any type of unpleasant odor or taste.

The easiest way to drink hydrogenated water


The Water Purifier X portable water hydrogenizer has an excellent performance and thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can use it more than 20 times with each charge, this added to its light weight and compact size, affords you the option to take it anywhere.

Just by pressing the button and waiting a few minutes, you will notice how the hydrogenated water obtained with Water Purifier X will help you in the long run to fight certain allergies, accelerate the metabolic process that removes fat, keep your joints hydrated and even reduce pain in those who suffer from arthritis.

Why is Water Purifier X better than other methods of obtaining hydrogenated water?


There is a wide variety of hydrogenizers on the market, in different sizes and at different prices, but do they deliver on their promises? The vast majority of portable hydrogenizers modify the PH of the water, provide little amount of Hydrogen and usually have very high prices. In addition, Water Purifier X will always provide water with a very negative Red-Ox potential, while other models do not.

Unlike its competitors, Water Purifier X is very easy to use. Just add water to the “bottle” or screw it on our own water bottle, press the button and you’ll have hydrogenated water in less than 5 minutes. Another property that makes Water Purifier X the best choice is the membrane exclusively designed to separate the gases produced during the process and give us the cleanest and purest water we have ever tasted.

In addition, its small size (similar to a 500ml water bottle) is ideal for taking with you on trips, to the gym, to workouts, from home to work and to drink hydrogenated water whenever you want.

What do the people that have tried Water Purifier X think of it?

“I love it! It works great, plus you get 20 uses out of it with a full charge, far more than I expected, I like the design because it’s very easy to carry, it doesn’t weigh anything and I love the colors you can put on it. Pedro Z.

I’m very happy with Water Purifier X, I’ve been using it for a few months without any problems, it still works like it did the first day. I use it every day and each charge lasts me about 19 uses. I was surprised by the product’s price, as I had been thinking about buying one for quite some time, but they were very expensive. Luis P.

“A friend recommended it to me, and the product is great. It’s the first time I’ve used hydrogenated water and I don’t think I’ll ever stop because it seems to be doing its job. I rarely write a review, but this product deserves a good rating. About a month ago I bought another one for my sister. Jessica F.

The best hydrogenizer on the market!


Main advantages!

Hydrogenates the water directly in your bottle. You can also screw it onto most bottles available on the market thanks to its screw adapter. It also comes with a 300 ml BPA-free bottle.

Due to its properties, it improves efficiency in sports, slows down the ageing process, helps with weight loss, optimally disinfects food, increases your feeling of well-being and many other advantages. Best of all, it is suitable for consumption by the whole family and for pets, too!

Perfectly separates hydrogen from other gases during the electrolysis process. Thus, achieving the production of hydrogenated water free of any other gas.

Rechargeable battery using its micro USB port with great autonomy (up to 20 uses with each charge).

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home. Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.