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“It’s outstanding!”. The portable speaker that is shaking the music market.

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Who doesn’t want to have the best music quality in a portable speaker to be the star of the party that everyone is talking about? What if a portable speaker gathers this quality plus an incredible ambient light for each situation?

Now it exists and it is called SMART Speaker


A portable speaker that is meant to crack the music market. Including LED ambient light, radio and bluetooth connection integrated, this small, light and elegant speaker is meant to stay for a long time among teenagers who want to take their music everywhere and with the best music quality possible.

With it’s LED light, SMART Speaker welcomes you to choose the perfect ambient light for each situation, been able to choose different colours for different event, parties, meetings as you please.

Are you having a chill-out meeting? lower the level of brightness, making people feel more relaxed. Are you having a hard rock party? Increase the level at it’s maximum bright to be the star of the night. It’s 4 level of bright intensity allows you to choose the best level of brightness for each situation.

Music and ambience wherever you go

It’s bluetooth connection allows you to play all kinds of music located in your device (including 32GB extended storage) avoinding the uncomforting situation of leading with countless wires. You just have to connect your device, click on “play”, and that’s it, time to rock the party.

“I wanted to play my music for the entire party, but my portable speaker died of battery in 2 hours, so everybody went home”.


This is another huge strenght about SMART Speaker. It can last an entire evening thanks to it’s 6 hours autonomy time (the capacity of its battery is 1200 mAh) so you can make sure everybody stays until the very end.

Have you finished your own playlist? Don’t let the party drop drown. It incorporates it’s own radio, so you can tune in the best music radio stations in order to keep people enjoying the best quality music in the device.

Curious about technical details? SMART speaker’s frequency response range is 100Hz-20 KHz, its output power, 3 W, and the signal-to-noise ratio is over 75dB using a Bluetooth 4.2 protocol.

Main advantages:

Digital clock and alarm so you can wake up with the best music

32GB extended storage. Play all the music in the world.

LED Ambient light for the all kinds of situations. It is also a digital clock and an alarm clock.

Wireless with radio and Bluetooth connection. With voice control and LED touch lamp, it accepts a memory card and an LED touch lamp.

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home. Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.