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Turn Any Phone into a SmartTV Remote Control

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Smart TVs seem to be everywhere in stores nowadays, but what about the TV that you already have? It’s HD, the screen size is perfect and you already have it mounted on your wall. The only thing wrong with it is that it’s not a smart TV. Is it really worth blowing another paycheck on something you already have? As it turns out, any TV can be a SmartTV.

TV Caster is a device that allows you to bring streaming to any TV for a much lower cost. Use your phone, tablet or laptop as a remote and choose all your favorite videos and applications to put up on your TV in full 1080p HD. TV Caster is a small streaming device that connects to your TV and your wifi signal without causing any lapses. Just like that, any HDTV can be a Smart TV too and you control all the content through your phone.

The Evolution of TV Technology: SmartTV

Over the years, the television has gone a long way. It was originally black and white with antennas, and now we’re streaming in 4K! As far as remote controls go, they have had a slower progression. The television industry has been stuck on the universal remote for several years, even though it doesn’t give us the freedom we need. Since streaming is the main way we watch TV now, we need a remote that is just as modern. We no longer need a remote to choose a channel. We need a remote control with which we can choose exactly what we want to watch.

Is it Really as Good as a SmartTV?


We tried out the streaming accessory that’s taking Europe by storm, and we have to agree that it works. We tried it on our TVs at home and it was just like using a SmartTV from Samsung or Apple! It had all the apps that we could think of: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV+,  Disney+, and more. We even could get videos for free by playing online videos from websites like HBONow, NBC News and the History channel on our phones!

We were worried that it was going to take forever to load, but the connection was so fast. A video playing on my phone had even better quality on my HDTV! We tried out laptops and tablets as remotes too. Switching between apps was easy and the quality on all the devices was impressive.

SmartTV? Watch Videos on TV with Your Phone

We love to watch videos on our phones, but did you know that it’s bad for you neck? Text Neck is the biggest health concern of the decade. Because we spend so much time watching content on our phones, our bodies have hunched over and our spinal column isn’t in alignment. This results in muscle soreness and can lead to serious health problems over time.

With TV Caster, you can give you body a break and put the videos that you’re watching on your phone onto your TV. TV Caster turns any TV into a SmartTV with your phone as the remote, so you can watch all of your favorite videos on the big screen. Instead of hunching over your phone screen, sit back and relax with your head back in alignment with your spine again. Now, you can enjoy all the things you watch on your phone on any TV!

Any TV Can Be a Smart TV


What’s great about TV Caster is that you have complete control over what’s on your TV. Other streaming devices can be so slow as you have to click through option after option to get to what you want. With TV Caster, you can immediately project anything you want to watch onto your TV by using your phone. The device just hooks up to your TV and let’s you play whichever video you want in Full HD. TV Caster is compatible across platforms, works with Android and Apple devices, and has an HDMI output. It really works with any TV and any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

It’s perfect for watching a movie with your kids or video calling a loved one that’s far away. You can have a dance party with your favorite Spotify playlist or a game tournament with your friends. It even works for work: you can attend work conference from your living room or bring it to the classroom. TV Caster is like having a SmartTV that you can take anywhere: you can stream all the media you want on any device with an HDMI connection. All you need is your phone as a remote!

Check Out How it Works!

Stream Anything You Want

With TV Caster, you can stream anything you want on your TV. Use your favorite apps and streaming services like you usually do on your phone, but now it’s on your TV too. TV Caster turns any TV into a Smart TV that you can control from your phone. No more clicking through options to what you want to watch. Use your phone to immediately play your videos, TV shows, movies and music on your TV.

Don’t forget that right now there’s a 50% discount on any purchase made through the official store!

Complete Control Over What You Watch with Your Phone!


Key Features

Use your phone, tablet or laptop as a remote control to enjoy all your favorite video and music apps!

Watch whatever you want: it’s compatible with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify… and more!

With TV Caster, you can convert any TV into a modern Smart TV. No installations required!

It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices; use any phone, tablet or laptop as a remote control.

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home. Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.