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The 10 most curious gadgets of the year

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Keep Your Freedom and travel safely with the pandemic pod for safe social interaction!

curious gadgets

ViraShield is a personal enclosure that pops-up to give you 360-degree protection from contact, droplets and splashes, wherever you go and on-the-go.

The ViraShield’s durable yet breathable material enables a guarded and constant connection with the outside world, without compromising on comfort or convenience. To give you true coverage at all times, the ViraShield delivers six-way protection so that your body, your face and your hands are not exposed to droplets and that your body never makes contact with the seat you are occupying.

Curious gadgets: Monitor your blood oxygen level and detect symptoms in the early stages of COVID

This pulse oximeter uses an advanced technology chip to obtain precise data on your blood oxygen saturation level, pulse, and other parameters in less than 10 seconds. The reliability of Oxypulse’s results is what makes it stand out. For this purpose, it has an LED panel, and just one button to turn the device on.

This device, which helps you monitor your blood oxygen level, has become popular among other demographic groups due to the pandemic, and that’s because one of the symptoms of a severe case of the virus, happens to be a drop in oxygen levels.

The new certified, waterproof, and adjustable face mask is now here!

The revolutionary mask made of soft, breathable, waterproof, reusable, and adjustable material, the best rated in the USA, and now available in our country. Recommended by 98% of buyers!

Made of soft, breathable fabric, this mask features a comfortable, washable, and reusable design that allows you to practice healthy habits day after day. This innovative material is the evolution of the breathable polyester from new soccer jersey fabrics.

Easily adapts to the face thanks to the rubber bands that fit behind the ears. It is very comfortable for sports use thanks to its breathability. Antibacterial.

Curious gadgets: The Led Flashlight Used By The U.S. Army

Tac FlashLight’s lighting power is incredible, and it far outshines traditional flashlights. Its light allows it to be aimed directly where you want it, without wasting energy pointing light in other directions, as with other flashlights. The result is an even and consistent light.

Light, powerful, economical, and effective. Tac FlashLight LED flashlight is, without a doubt, an ideal companion you don’t want to leave behind.

Don’t breathe someone else’s air: how to dodge coronavirus indoors

Safe Air X measures the CO2 level, the humidity level, and the room temperature. All this in real time, thanks to the high precision sensor it has. But that’s not all, thanks to its small size, it can be placed anywhere.

Detection of high levels of CO2 in real time thanks to its high precision sensor. If the meter reads 800 ppm or higher, ventilation is necessary. With Safe Air Pro, make sure that enclosed spaces, where contagion is much easier, are properly ventilated!

Curious gadgets: Experts agree…all women should carry this safety device with them

Smart Siren is the personal safety alarm for women designed to dissuade attackers and help prevent dangerous situations. Its loud sound alerts people nearby immediately, and makes it easy to get help when you’re in trouble. It’s a 100% safe self-defense device: it offers you protection without the risk of potentially harming yourself using it.

Very light, durable, and easy to use. Just pull to activate the alarm. Smart Siren is also made with an elegant design that’s compact and modern, and can be carried in your purse, backpack, or keychain, for use in any situation in a matter of seconds.

Increases breathing capacity, improves physiological performance and your quality of life.

Breathing Trainer is the first handheld device that allows you to train your breathing muscles without the use of medication, from your own home, and with results that have been proven among many users around the globe.

It has 2 different regulators: one for breathing and one for exhaling. You can select the desired resistance for each of them before each use!

Who can benefit from these advantages? People with reduced lung capacity, smokers, ex-smokers, people suffering from obesity, older people, or even for people with asthma, with dysphagia, with disorders of the respiratory system, nerves and blood vessels, such as: Hypertension, Parkinson’s, Diabetes.

Curious gadgets: Don’t get bitten by mosquitos! Stay protected this summer, without using chemicals

This new device to help get rid of mosquitos is portable, super safe, and quickly kills pesky mosquitos. Moskinator Pro was designed by two backpackers who were fed up with getting bitten by mosquitos every time they would go camping.

Finally, there’s an easy way to enjoy summer without bothersome bites all over your body, and without the horrible smell of bug sprays.

The Transparent Face Mask has Just Arrived to your city: Protective, Healthy, and Doesn’t Hide your Face

This mask is for all those who are concerned about their health and the environment. ClearShield is reusable and is not disposable like other masks. It favors and improves relationships with others by not appearing so distant. Helps teachers and experts who need to explain and express themselves more clearly.

With the transparent mask our faces are visible, we can exchange smiles (and angry faces), we can talk normally, see facial expressions… With the transparent mask our faces are visible, we can exchange smiles (and angry faces), we can talk normally, see facial expressions…

Whiten your teeth at home in less than 5 minutes with this revolutionary toothbrush

V-iWhite Pro is the latest invention by a startup based in the small European nation of Austria, one of the biggest high-quality dental equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Thanks to a vibrating mouthpiece that vibrates 5000 times per minute, you can get a deep, effective clean without hurting your gums. The blue light that completes the teeth-whitening treatment helps eliminate stains from your teeth.