The worst gadgets ever invented

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The worst gadgets ever invented

Any of the greatest failures and flops in tech of the decade are the schemes that went badly wrong with innovations which turned out to be not that smart. Want to discover the wosrt gadgets ever invented?

There are a couple of reasons for these devices to be pitifully mentioned here. It may have been discontinued for good, it may have been out-dated for a direct rival, or—wait!—it may have been cancelled right before it was launched.

Motorola ROKR E1 for iTunes

The Motorola Rokr E1 reached the stage like a phone that played on your iTunes long before the iPhone was a mixing spell in Steve Jobs’ eye. Steve himself has presented it along with iPod Nano’s very first. But by the time he was shipping the Nano — Moto was shipping the Rokr — Apple had very evidently separated himself from the telephone. The Rokr had a maxx of 100 tracks, had long transfer time torturously and could not play music at standard speeds at the same time, and many of his issues were.


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