Tips for taking the best photos for your Instagram profile

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Tips for taking the best photos for your Instagram profile

Instagram has become a showcase for many influencers and companies. But success does not come alone; when we visit the profiles of people with many followers, we usually find a feed with quality photos, tidy and with very similar shades of pain. If you look closely, all their photos have a certain harmony and meet a series of requirements. Instagram can become a very profitable platform if we know what to do. Uploading good photos and a good advertising strategy is a perfect way to start.

To stand out on Instagram, the most basic rule of all is to have good photos. Do you want to know how to take amazing photos for your Instagram profile? We show you the best tricks to get a unique Instagram feed, new followers and more likes.

12. Use different angles

The difference between a good photo and a bad photo is in the angle. You should aim to enhance the attributes of the object, landscape or person being photographed. Keep in mind that the perspective can change in each photo: if you are taking a self-portrait or a selfie, the angle is optional. It is best to try several times until you find out which is your “favourite side”. For this type of photo, you can also use tripods or image stabilisers to avoid blurred images. Quality is important.

When photographing objects or landscapes, try to keep the proportions true to life by keeping your phone at shoulder height. Pictures taken from too high or too low can create illusions. You can use this trick to get images by pretending to hold the sun, for example.


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