Tips to avoid losing your wallet and keys

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Tips to avoid losing your wallet and keys

We’ve all lost our wallet or keys at some time or another, so we’ve brought you 10 tips to help you avoid losing your wallet or your keys.

10.  Always choose the same place to keep your wallet and keys

llaves de casa

One of the general problems why we tend to lose our wallet and house keys or even our car keys is that we tend not to remember where we left them. Memory is one of our weakest points in this type of problems and situations. That’s why we recommend that, whether at home or on the street, you always have a specific place for your keys and wallet. For example, always use the same compartment of your handbag or the right-hand pocket of your coat or trousers.

If your wallet and keys have a technology like Tagimal Wallet, it will be a great help for you to know exactly where it is when you lose it. Do you know why? Because it offers you the possibility of connecting it to your smartphone and through the built-in GPS system it will be very easy to recover it.


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